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A 'bek' console map, showing:
SEARCH: 'V/R COFFEE' ...(gives)...
pkda2001-java - Apparently, the 
sf author/futurist Philip K. Dick
also invented a new kind of coffee;
ie, java'
And: Java: A programming plant native to Earth (see map) []'
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     And remember:   DON'T PANIC  (in nice friendly letters) 
-[Java]- (not just for breakfast anymore!!
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PKDA2001: Java

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On this page: {Intro} {Java downloading, etc} weirdnesses at SunSoft {BASIC} - the one and only! {} {Python} {} {DownLoad Al Stevens' Quincy "c environment"} {Links}


Java downloading, etc} (weirdnesses at SunSoft) Ok, the SDK (SoftWare Development Kit) is now known as SE. On the down load page you will see: What you want is the 71Meg file (more or less) the 15Meg or 700K is a LOADER (v. nice to have) if you have ADMIN to your computer, you can down load the loader and it can then download the S/W pkg itself. (You have to log on as an ADMIN acct to install Java - but if you're downloading to xfer to your own pc/etc then you should just download the main thing takes about 15 minutes at moderately fast speeds (ie, modem++ >> 56Kbps