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PKDA2001: Java - mlisp

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Takashi's small lisp

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under construction, const plans, notes, soonest, etc.... meanwhile - Mother Sivilius hae shewn us the whey?

Java: Langs: Lisp

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Ideas, Creations, Thoughts, ...

(dis-cardced, and mis-used), ...
} When Professor Allen was trying to create Lisp (List Processing) as a language, it was to address the short-comings of Fortran, Algol and Cobol (as they stood then). So, the creation of "mlisp" (multi-lisp) is prompted by the same sorts of short-come-ings.... 1) Lisp, Snobol, (and indeed Fortran, Cobol, PL/I) suffer from over-complexity. 2) We seek to create intellegent systems that may help us to save our world. 3) I think we would all agree to take as read that we do NOT want to create self-aware programs that suffer (as we do), the so-called "thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to". That is, we want to create rational systems that while they "feel" for the world, do not indifferent act as we do. Examples, include "Return of the Master" (the SciFi short story which is upon based the film (orig pls, i *really* think that HallMark should be expunged from re-making in their own image the pasts that we must all suffer in the future)... "The Day the Earth Stood Still" -- i can't forgive them for killing off the gay man and the degenerate "darkie" suffering from Epilepsie in their re-make of "Andromeda Strain". But, alas, i am no longer bound by the rules of stupidity. I find such statments that "well, the persons making the Mr. and Ms. President Dolls shouldn't hae commented about his ears". He has big ears; Carter had big lips (spawning endless speculation that he might be negro-descended, and of course can we *eeer* forget Clinton's rather large nose, or even for that matter, Ross Perot's ears (only matched by his pie-charts ;) etc, etc. now we face a world almost certainly doomed. If the "grand conveyor" shuts down, i don't think that there is much less than a radical re-start tha will fix it. more later... franklin (Summa by Arvo pArt).... --30-- (but not quite yet w/the final gravey)...