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What: A program that takes a "file of files" (a "fof") and for each LINE in it, creates a separate file based on that entry. Eg, vegies.list tomatoes carrots kings cabbage squash you would run the program from the DOS (etc) prompt: USAGE: java MyHtmlPageMaker vegies.list and it would produces the files: tomatoes.html carrots.html kings-cabbage.html squash.html The ref to Kings Cabbage is of course to Monty Pythong ep #23 (i think) the existentialism of garbage dumps. Regardless the contents of each file are ready-made web pages:

  <body bgcolor="#DDddDD" text="#000000" link="#000099" vlist="#00dd00">  
  <font size=+2><pre><b>
  [<a href=""></a>]  [<a href=""></a>]
  <h1>kings cabbage</h1>